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20'' BULK
Длина внутри5.934 m
Ширина внутри2.358 m
Высота внутри2.340 m
Ширина двери2.335 m
Высота двери2.292 m
Вместимость32 Cu.m
Вес конструкции2450 Kgs
Максимальный груз21550 Kgs


Bulk (or bulk cargo) containers have three loading hatches in the roof, each of a diameter of approx. 455 mm (1 3/4'). The distance between the hatches (center to center) is 1.83 m (6'). On the door side, there are two discharge hatches, which are sometimes equipped with short discharge tubes for guiding the bulk cargo. Alternatively, two unloading hatches may be mounted in the doorways, for emptying the containers.

Such containers may also be used for general cargo. Lashing rings are mounted in the top side rails for securing the cargo. Some bulk containers are equipped with forklift pockets, which allow handling by forklift trucks.



Bulk containers are used in particular for transporting bulk cargo, such as grain, feedstuffs, spices. However, they may also be used for transporting general cargo.
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